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Last batch of Spares

Hazel, Nat & I made our last batch of horses shortly before Laura took over which I was supposed to take to Lydia's Julip Live at the end of September. Unfortunately a nasty virus prevented me from attending but they are still available. I am currently maning and tailing them. Please phone 01460 78961 or email for more information.


11th November 2012

Both Hazel & Annabel are writing the blog today, on this day of Remembrance, which we at Julip observed on the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month. May those that gave their lives for our freedom, rest in peace. We will remember.

It's been go, go, go here! Julip Originals are well and truly back in full production, impressively we were up at 7:00am (going some for a Sunday!), but what a herd is being created. We've just been working on the next batch of spares, 10 4-legged friends and 3 young riders, alongside all of your Christmas orders. Hopefully we'll be taking pictures a bit later to show you all! Annabel has been going a bit mad with her special sculptures, there's a rather Araby looking Arab Stallion, dropped head, very dish face that is coming along nicely, along with a dropped head Welsh Pony amongst others. It is rather exciting! Also we are preparing some rather unique Christmas foals for the attendees of the Julip Chirstmas Party, ho, ho, ho!!!

If you'd like any more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Call 01460 78961 (yes we will answer the phone even though it's Sunday), or email

Julip Christmas Party 2012

The Julip Christmas Party 2012 will take place on Sunday 2nd December at the Savill Memorial Hall, Cattistock, Dorset DT2 0JH. This event is a combination of live show, PYO, Christmas games and general good fun. As always food & drinks provided. Entry is free. Details are in Julip Christmas Party Schedule within the blog. Doors will open at 9:00am and the Live Show starts at 10:00am. For details on accommodation and if you want to join us for dinner the night before email

Julip Christmas Party Schedule


Hazel and Annabel have been planning the first Julip Christmas Party!


As you all know, Annabel is rather keen on her dioramas, so we have many themes for the Christmas party classes. Section 1 includes the ‘Scene’ Classes, Section 2 Ridden and Inhand Classes and Section 3 Christmas Fun Classes. We have a few themes for the ridden and inhand classes too, especially ‘From Russia with Love’; we’re thinking snowy backdrops, Cossack hats, Faberge, Anastasia, opulence! This day will be all about having fun, playing games, eating, drinking (non-alcohol if you’re driving), singing and making sure you and your Julips have the best Christmas day out ever!


Section 1

‘Twas the night before Christmas’

The Nativity

Boxing Day B movie (Hazel’s favourite is ‘The Black Stallion’ and Annabel’s ‘Towering Inferno’ and ‘The Poseidon Adventure’!


Section 2

For the ridden classes:

‘From Russia With Love’

Olympia (encompassing anything from the show)

Boxing Day Ride



Best dressed Christmas Julip

Santa’s little helper


Section 3

Christmas pudding (blacks/browns)

Cinnamon (bays)

Mistletoe (white/pale Julips)

Frost (dappled and other grey)

Brandy Butter (cream/palomino)

Holly Berry (chestnuts)

Christmas Tree (patches)

Starry Skies (spotteds)


On top of all that fun, we are also having a PYO Christmas foal (provided by Julip, and it certainly will be a one off, expect plenty of glitter!), we are also giving a prize to the most tasteless Christmas accessory worn on the day, a pass the parcel with a super surprise in every layer, Christmas charades, and we are also asking you to provide a hand-made Christmas decoration for our tree! For those who arrive the night before, we’ll be organising our usual supper in the Fox and Hounds, where we will also be making paper chains to decorate to hall the next morning. The show starts at 10:00am, but we’ll open the doors at 9:00am, and those that come early will be obliged to eat mince pies, sing carols and decorate the tree! As ever, a Christmassy lunch and refreshments will be provided. In case you hadn’t realised, we can’t wait! All you have to do is get here.


Silly Santa hats most welcome!



Hazel is back next weekend, so more updates and a full schedule with times to follow! Email anytime with any questions, and please don’t forget to let us know you are coming! We’ll need to book supper at the Fox and Hounds early so please email asap if you would like to come.


Although this is a Julip Show, we would welcome all family and friends that would like to join us. The more the merrier!!



16th August 2012

We are gearing up and getting excited about heading off to Newmarket next week for the Julip Live and UH Hullabaloo. We do need to know numbers for our Show on the Sunday so could you please confirm by email to by the end of this weekend (19th Aug) with your full contact details. Please remember the Show is completely free of charge and you will be catered for. You will also be allocated your own display table, and don't worry about your collections being on display. The marquee is not open to the general public, only to like minded attendees of the Hullabaloo. See you soon!

Julip Live Schedule

Julip Live 2012 – Sunday 26th August – The National Stud, Newmarket CB8 0XE

Schedule - Starts 10am - Entry & Lunch Free of Charge

All entrants will have a table to display their model collection.


Class 1 Arab Stallion/Arab mare

Class 2 Arab Champion/Arabian

Class 3 TB/Hunter

Class 4 Cob Stallion/Cob Mare/Show Cob

Class 5 Welsh Cob/Family Horse

Class 6 Ponies – Welsh/Dartmoor/NF/Highland/Fell

Class 7 Small Ponies – Pit Pony/Shetland/Exmoor

Class 8 Heavy Horses – Farm Cob/Feathered Cob/Shire

Class 9 European breeds – Lipizzaner/Irish Draught/Connemara

Class 10 American breeds – AQH/Mustang/Sport Horse

Class 11 Working Breeds – Working Hunter/Event Horse/Dressage

Class 12 Yearlings and Foals

Class 13 Donkey/Donkey Foal/Mules

Class 14 Other Vintage Horses/ponies (not listed above)

Class 15 HOTY Open (You may show your HOTY any way you want e.g in hand, ridden etc.)

CHAMPIONSHIP (Classes 1 – 14)




Class 16 Customs & PYO

Class 17 HOTY Fancy Dress (Horse & Rider supplied by Julip for you to ‘dress’)

Class 18 Diorama - Horses in History

Class 19 Diorama - Getting Ready for the Show

Class 20 English Ridden Horse or Pony

Class 21 Other Ridden Horse or Pony

Class 22 Judge’s Favourite


Entries limited to 2 per class

Classes may be split depending on numbers

Juniors will be taken into consideration

Changes/additions to the schedule may occur

25th June 2012

Hi All

Just to let you know that we have some Spares which are nearly finished, but rather than go ahead and mane & tail them I thought I would list them, and also let you know that we have some lovely wavy mohair in all colours, black, white, flaxen, light blonde, strawberry blonde, copper, auburn, chocolate and black, so if you fancy one of these lovely Spares, you could choose you own hair colour. A custom mohair mane and tail will cost £2.50 extra.

Pale Shaded Liver Chestnut Event Horse, 2 socks hind, short sock near fore.
Palomino New Forest short socks near fore & off hind.
Piebald feathered (special) Show Cob, blue eyes.
Rich Bay Arab Champion, no white.
Liver Chestnut Mustang, 2 stockings hind, 2 short socks fore, double diamond blaze.
Dark Bay Working Hunter, 2 socks hind, diamond face marking.
Palomino Event Horse with fine chocolate shaded legs, wide blaze.
Dark Strawberry Roan AQH with dark shaded legs and head.

Horses £47.50, NF Pony £45.00, P&P £5.00. Please call 01460 78961 or email

We also have a Julip Originals Huntsman & an Event Rider Female.


7th May 2012

Well, Nat has been here again this weekend and has delivered some more of her beautiful riders for us! They have been posted on our flickr site here or here


Please email for details or to be emailed a picture if you can't see this one. There are a side saddle lady, a huntsman, a show rider and an event rider. There are also some lovely model horse spares on their way, but at the moment they are bald, poor things! Hopefully Hazel will be back down soon to finish them off for you!

11th March 2012


Hazel here again. Well, Nat has come down this weekend, so I have been busy painting rider bodies for her to turn into Julip people! She's managed to finish 3 of them for us so I'm on to list them for sale! We aren't going to be able to take orders for them just yet, but there are plenty of them in the pipeline so hopefully Nat will be back with another batch soon.

We have a male Dressage Rider, £50 plus £3 p&p; a Female rider in a green show jacket and cream jods with brown boots, £45 plus £3 p&p; a Girl rider in a black show jacket with black jodhpur boots and hairnet, £40 plus £3 p&p. Pictures can be seen on our Flickr account, follow this link If you can't see the pictures please do email us for the images! Email or call 01460 789 61 or 0772 474 8181.

Hope you like them!

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